August Ipsy Glam Bag! - Nail Art Inspiration!

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Hi loves! Long time! 

I know I've been MIA from this sites but I was all over the place! lol, Important thing is that I am Back!! And with more nail inspiration! This time, I was really inspired by the Agust Glam Bag since I got it out of the package. I immediately knew I had to recreate its design on my nails. If you are not subscribed to the ipsy glam bag service, I will leave you a link below so that you can check it out. It is a monthly subscription where you pay $10 each month and get around 5 makeup items, curated to fit your style. They also send nail polishes every now and then!  All that in a beautiful makeup bag that you can carry in your purse everywhere fill with your favorite items. Here is the link:

I decided to recreate the beautiful gradient in my bag using three similar shades of polishes from Essie. This month, there were three different styles of bags, each one featuring an inspiring quote and a beautiful gradient. Here is a look at mine.

The nail polishes I used for the nail art were all from Essie:

♥︎ "Bikini So Teeny"
♥︎ " Sittin' Pretty"
♥︎ "Too Taboo"

First (after base coat of course), I applied a coat of the lighter shade of polish in my gradient, in this case, "Bikini So Teeny" 

While waiting for it to dry, I decided to protect the surroundings of my nails with a liquid latex barrier. I got mine from Born Pretty Store. This step is completely optional, I just wanted to cut out the time of clean up.

Once that dried (it doesn't take a lot of time), I prepared my gradient using a makeup sponge. 

Tip: To prevent your fingers from sticking together with the latex, apply a little bit of cuticle oil.

NOTE: Be Aware of allergies to latex, since many people do have them. If you are allergic to latex DO NOT use any of these protective barriers.

Apply to the nail dabbing the sponge as many times as needed. Repeat until you reach the opacity you want.  

And here is the final nail look! I loved both ways with only just the gradient and with the gold accents.

While I'm here, let me show you what I got inside my ipsy bag as well!

Winky Lux - Peeper Perfect Concealer in Medium

theBalm Cosmetics - theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Willkommen

Vitamasques - Yoghurt Mask Duo - Strawberry and Kiwi

Catrice Cosmetics- Highlighting Powder in Champagne Campaign 

Pacifica - Coconut Blush Duo

I really loved this month's bag from the inside out! What about you? What did you get in yours? If you don't have the subscription, don't forget to check out my link

If you liked this post and want to see more let me know in the comments! Also, share with your friends! 

Thank you for reading! Until the next time!

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