Beauty and the Beast Inspired Nail Art

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Hello loves!

Long time! Recently I was approached by Preen.Me to try, swatch and review the new collection from Morgan Taylor inspired by the new Beauty and the Beast movie. I literally screamed Yes! Of course! I have seen the collection and the polishes really looked amazing so I was very excited about it. You can see my thoughts and pictures for the swatches of the whole collection in this post.

They also requested me to create some nail art inspired by the new movie, and my mind just kept rolling! Here is what I came up with:

Beauty and the Beast - Chip

The first character that inspired me was Chip, the lovely, humorous and sweet tea cup. For this nail art I used "Potts of Tea", which has the perfect ceramic color, and "Enchanted Patina" for details.


Belle's Winter Dress Inspired:

For this one, I was inspired by the scene where Belle and the Beast spent time out in the snow. The red coat with flower details was so lovely. I used "The Last Petal" as the main color. Then "Potts of Tea" for the stripe and "Enchanted Patina" for details. Here is how I did it.

Belle in Blue

On the first few scenes you'll see Belle wearing a blue outfit, later one, a different design but also in blue. I took inspiration and combined both. In this nail art, I used "Gaston and on and on" as my blue. Also, I used "Potts of Tea", "The Last Petal", and "Enchanted Patina". Here is the tutorial.

Belle's Golden Dress

Now, this wouldn't be complete without a nail art inspired by the wonderful and iconic ball gown, isn't it? I wanted to make reference to the ruffles on the dress, so I decided to go with the drag marble technique. I used "Days in the Sun" and "Enchanted Patina" for the marble design. For the rose I used "The Last Petal", "Be Our Guest" and "Potts of Tea". You can watch the tutorial here. I was so in love with the result. 

Beauty and the Beast Characters: Cogsworth

For this time around, the character Cogsworth, the funny clock in the movie, takes an antique look to him, as well as Lumiere. This was my inspiration. An anqtique design featuring the damask pattern it shows all around as well as de gears inside the clock and roman numbers. You can check out the tutorial here. To achieve the bronzed antique look I used "Enchanted Patina" over "The Last Petal". Then, for the damask pattern, I went over with "The Last Petal" and for the details for the clock, I used black acrylic paint.  

Beauty and the Beast Characters: Plumette

When looking at the character Plumette, all I can think about is feathers! Here is the look I created inspired by it. For this one, I used "Plumette with Excitement", "Enchanted Patina" with the dry brush technique, and black and white acrylic paint. I also used Sinful Colors "Black on Black". Check out the tutorial.

Beauty and the Beast

Last, but definitely not less, my favorite nail design. The Last Petal. This wouldn't be inspiration for Beauty and the Beast without making any reference or dedicating a nail art to the signature rose that marks the spell on the Beast. For this nail art I used, "Days in the Sun", "Be Our Guest", "The Last Petal" and "Enchanted Patina". I also used green and white acrylic paint. 


I hope you enjoy this post. Are you excited about the movie? I can't wait to watch it! Please share if you like this ;)

Until the next one! Happy Painting!

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