Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Collection - Cherry on Top

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Hi, darlings!

Today I have a super quick swatch and review of the shade "Cherry on Top" from the Kandee Johnson Sinful Colors Collection. I received this nail polish, and many other goodies, in my Fierce Vox Box from Influenster to test. A blog post was not required from them, but I figured I should give you my thoughts on it since I loved it so much! 

This particular nail polish has a matte finish and it dries very fast. As soon as I was done with my pinky, the first nail was already dry and ready for another coat. Now, I must tell you this is an almost one coater. I did two coats out of tradition, to say it like that, but it really didn't need it. If you see closer in the bottle, you can see that it has many gold shifting colors. 
Two coats of "Cherry on Top", no Top Coat

When the polish dries, they are almost invisible, although if you look close you can see them, but if you decide to wear it glossy and apply a top coat, they come back to life.  

Index and Middle Finger - Two Coats of "Cherry on Top" with HK Girl Top Coat (Shiny)
Ring and Pinky Finger - Two Coats of "Cherry on Top", no Top Coat (Matte)
Adding the top coat, in my case, HK Girl, really showed up the gold particles in the nail polish and gave it a whole new look to the manicure.

Two Coats of "Cherry on Top" with HK Girl Top Coat

A little Nail Art:

I used: Sinful Colors - "Snow me White" and "Cherry on Top" and Gold Acrylic Paint

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did please share it with your friends! Until next time! Happy Painting!

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