OPI Infinite Shine Swatches and Review

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Today I have for you some swatches of the OPI Infinite Shine #11DaysStrong nail polishes. They just reformulated some of their iconic shades and added them to this collection, where in three quick steps promises to deliver a gel-like manicure that lasts for 11 days without chipping and with a shiny finish.  First, you apply Step 1, the primer, then your choice of nail color, and to finish it up, Step 3, gloss.We shall put that to the test! But in this post, I will only show you the swatches of all ten shades and initial review.

I received this polishes as a compliment from OPI and PreenMe, as a part of their Preen Me VIP Program, which does not influence the opinions and reviews I am going to share below. This will all reflect only my truthful and honest opinion.

In this post your are going to see the following shades: "Tiramisu for Two", "Berlin There Done That", "The Latest and Slatest", "Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!", "You're Such a Budapest", "Can't Find My Czechbook", "Do You Lilac It", "Mod About You", "Lucky Lucky Lavender", and "OPI Red". So let's get into it!

 "Tiramisu for Two"

Beautiful light nude nail polish. At first glance, I didn't think this was going to be this creamy or pigmented, but it proved me wrong. Its formula was very easy to work with, the first coat was patchy but in the second coat, it built the color perfectly. 

"Berlin There Done That"

This taupe grayish color provided a light smokey look to the nails. It takes two coats for full-color achievement, and the formula was very easy to work with. I love this type of color for accents in nail art and to wear by itself. In the first coat, it looks a little sheer, but the second coat completes the color nicely. 

"The Latest to Slatest"

This dark gray nail polish is very thin and smooth in the first coat. Once you apply the second coat, you get full opacity. It also has a hint of blue to it. Overall, very smooth formula and beautiful color.

"Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey"

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this shade. In the swatch, you see to coats. It is a very sheer and sparkly nail polish and it is very streaky as you would expect. When using shades like this one, I just cap the tips of my nails in the first coat and avoid doing it on the second coat so that the final result can look uniform. It is a little tricky to achieve uniformity, but it is so beautiful at the same time. It is so fancy and delicate. That is where my feelings get all mixed up, lol, although is not my favorite, I found myself using it more than once for nail art these days. 

 "You're Such a Budapest"

This is the periwinkle blue of the family. Very light lavender blueish color. The first coat is very thin and light, but it builds up beautifully in the second coat.  It's a nail polish that brightens any manicure. It also has shimmer in it that gives it its uniqueness.

"Can't Find My Czechbook" 

This one is one of my favorites. It is a deep sky blue that almost covers in one coat but achieves full opacity with two. The formulation can be described as not thin nor thick, so for me is great. Very easy to work with. It's absolutely an eye-catching nail color, perfect for nail art or just to wear by itself.

"Do You Lilac It" 

I always love a lilac nail polish. I really love how this one stands out as a true lilac, not being to light. It takes to coats to opacity, and formula, as from the others, was very easy to work with.

"Mod About You"

This light pink nail polish reminds me so much of cotton candy. The first coat is thin and patchy, but a second coat delivers smoothness to your manicure. Colors like this are so sophisticated.

 "Lucky Lucky Lavender"

 For me, this color falls more into the pink category better than lavender. It is like a bubblegum pink, although it depends on what bubblegum you prefer, lol. It takes two easy coats and not too much effort to have this beautiful color on your nails.

"OPI Red"

What is there to say?! Is OPI Red. Its formula is amazing and you can almost get away with one coat. Although here is shown in two coats, just to be extra fancy. It has a blue undertone to it, and it provides the perfect amount of glamour.

Here you can see live swatches for every single one, and also stay tuned because I am putting to the test if they last the full eleven days (As I'm writing this, is day two and I feel the need to paint my nails, but I am only testing in mi right hand! lol)

Remember, for the system to work, it must be used in all three steps, base coat - nail color - top coat.
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed swatching all these beautiful colors for you. I can honestky say they are all gorgeous and carries a personality of its own. If you did enjoyed this, pleas share it with your friends on social media, and let me know your toughts. See you real soon in another post! Meanwhile, Happy Painting!

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