Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Nail Polish Collection

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 Hello Loves!

A new round of swatches today! I am super excited to show you this collection, not only because the colors are gorgeous, but I am such a huge Disney fan and love everything princesses, and of course Beauty and the Beast! I am trying to content myself while writing this review. The new Beauty and the Beast movie is coming up on March 17, and I want to be one of the firsts in the movie theater!

Let's talk about the nail polish collection. I received these nail polishes compliments of Morgan Taylor  as part of the #PreenMeVIP Program from Preen Me. The collection consists of 6 nail polishes and one nail polish that can be used as it is or as a topper to give a whole new different effect to the manicure. The shades are "Gaston And On and On", "Days in the Sun", "Potts of Tea", "Plumette With Excitement", "The Last Petal", "Be Our Guest" and "Enchanted Patina". Once you add "Enchanted Patina" on top of the other polishes, it gives an antique look, adding a bronzed copper look to the nail. Personally, I like to use this one by itself, you'll see the swatches but is nice to have it as an alternate look for each shade. The brush in this nail polish bottles is amazing. They have a wide brush that allows you to cover more nail space in one swipe, making application a lot easier. Take a look at the live swatches here:

 "Gaston And On And On"

This one is a gorgeous sky blue, perfectly opaque in two coats. Personally, I have a little trouble with its name, Gaston? He doesn't wear any blues, ever! I would've rather go with a deep red color for him. For me, it reflects more Belle's dress at the beginning of the movie, but not complaining at all about the shade. It is gorgeous! The formula was great, very buildable and so pretty. 

"Gaston And On and On" topped with "Enchanted Patina"

Adding "Enchanted Patina" to "Gaston And On And On" gave it a more distressed look. I did a quick and thin coat of it because I didn't want to cover the base color completely. 

 "Days in The Sun"

Beautiful on point yellow nail polish. It resembles Belle's gown perfectly. In just two coats achieves a perfect opacity. If you see closely, it has a gorgeous pink reflection to it. It was a little hard to capture it on camera, but believe me, in real life it looked amazing. The formula was very easy to work with.

"Days in the Sun" topped with "Enchanted Patina"

When I added "Enchanted Patina" to this one, it gave it a more golden look. Very pretty.

"Potts of Tea"

I am obsessed with this color! Look at it, it's gorgeous. The name fits perfectly, it looks exactly like Chip and Mrs. Potts! It is a light gray color, almost like a very light blue, and it has pink and gold shimmers to it. It really looks like a ceramic. In the pictures, you see two easy even coats.

"Potts of Tea" topped with "Enchanted Patina"

With "Enchanted Patina", "Potts of Tea" looked a bit more platinum that it is.

"Plumette with Excitement"

This one is a very delicate soft pink nail polish. The formula is great, and it applies very easily. Just two coats for this one and you have a sweet and delicate manicure.

"Plumette with Excitement" topped with "Enchanted Patina"

With this pale pink, when you add the patina topper, it almost disappears. The final look is a very subtle soft metallic shade.

"The Last Petal"

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one! I mean, it is really hard to do so, but look at this shade! Let me start y saying that it is almost a one coater. You can really get away with just one coat. I personally did two out of habit, but in the first coat, it looked perfectly opaque. It is a gorgeous fuschia shade with metallic silver shimmers in it. It fits its name so good, it truly looks like a rose!

"The Last Petal" topped with "Enchanted Patina"

Alrough I prefer "Enchanted Patina" by itself, as I mentioned before, among all the swatches I uses it as a topper, this one is my favorite. I think that is because the color underneath brings out the bronze feel more, almost looking like a rose gold metal.

"Be Our Guest"

Deep neon coral shade. Loved it! It was almost a one coater as well, although in the second coat it achieved an even and better opacity.  The formula, as for the others, was amazing, very buildable and easy to work with. As you can see it looks very neon and it does not need any white base underneath to reflect the color. It is very princess-like.

'Be Our Guest" topped with "Enchanted Patina"

With the topper, this color just gives a very antique girly look. It looks really pretty.

"Enchanted Patina"

As for "Enchanted Patina" by itself, it took three coats for me to be happy with the result. They were very easy coats to do but did need the three to achieve its potential. Here you see pictures in different lighting settings, and you see how it reflects a bronze, rose gold undertones.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know which is your favorite! Are you going to see the movie? Be sure to share this post with your friends, so that they can take a peak too!

Until next time! Happy Painting!

#BeautyAndTheBeast #DreamsComeTrue

As I said, I received this collection compliments of Morgan Taylor and the #PreenMeVIP Program from Preen.Me but all the opinions and thoughts about it reflects my honest and truthful feeling for it. 

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