Long Lasting Nail Polish?

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Hi loves!

Recently I got the chance to try the new OPI Infinite Shine Pro Stay Nail Polish System. In this collection, they brought back some of their iconic shades reformulated within a system that promises a long lasting manicure, 11 days of polish wear without chipping and with a shiny gel-like finish trough the whole manicure. I did some swatches and review all ten shades in a previous post. If you like to see them click here. There are also live swatches so you can see its application. Furthermore, I have some tutorials for nail art that I created using this collection, and there are more to come, so keep an eye on my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube so you don't miss any. For now, here are a few:

In this Mani: OPI Infinite Shine "Berlin There Done That", "Tiramisu for Two" and "The Latest to Slatest"
Tutorial: Geometric Vibes Nail Art

In this Mani: OPI Infinite Shine "OPI Red" and "Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!"
Tutorial: Red Rose Valentines Day Nail Art
In this Mani: OPI "Tiramisu for Two", "Mod About You", "Lucky Lucky Lavender" and "OPI Red"

Ok, but now to what we are going to talk about in this post, 11 days of wear? I had to put this to the test, and oh it was so hard! I am changing my nail art constantly, maybe daily lol, and wearing only one manicure for as long as 11 days was really hard for me! So this is what I did. I decided to go with "Tiramisu for Two" because it is a very neutral color that goes with about anything, and I wore it on my dominant hand only. Why? That way I cold create designs on my non-dominant, while testing this out and it didn't look bad all together with my other hand because it kind of matched! Here is Day one:

I really loved this look. This color is so delicate and sophisticated, and as I said, it pairs with almost anything that I wore in my other hand for days.

Ok, so I ended up wearing this polish for a whole week. I confess I couldn't take the 11 days! First, for me is too long to wear the same color, but hey I did my best!! Also, by the seventh day, it was beginning to chip a little, so I decided to take it off.

Here are some things to consider:

I did wear the polish in my dominant hand, I do everything with my right hand, so it was put trough a lot. It went to a lot of water exposure, doing dishes, cleaning, washing hair and yes, nail swatching on my other hand, so it was also exposed to nail polish remover. Don't get me wrong, when I decided to take it off, it was easy, but I find that with other polishes, is you get in minor contact with remover, it damage the manicure, not this one. Also, where I live has been really cold lately, so add the cold weather to the testing. Now, let me show you how it looked at the end of my trial!

**Please excuse the quality of the following pictures, I took them with my phone for documentation purposes ☺︎**
Day 2: They look just as the first day! 
Day 5: A little nail grow, but overall, intact.
Day 7: Growth looks more apparent, crack on the ring finger and a chip on the corner of the index finger.
Also, there is a little tip wear.

Here you can see chipping on the thumb as well, the chip on the index and on the corners of the other nails.
Time to get these off!

Overall Impression:

I think this polish does hold up a lot. I mean, I did put this hand to a lot of stress through the whole week, and it was staying strong.  And hey, for me one whole week with the same color, that was the biggest test! I am impressed because it didn't even fade, the shine was there the whole time. I do believe this line delivers what it promises, sure it will all depend on your daily routine, the chemistry on your nails and of course the rate at which your nails grow. Those are factors no one can control. But this sure is a long lasting nail polish. Way to go OPI!

Before I end this post, let's take a look again at Day 1! I loved how the nail polish looks!! Ohh and also here is a new live swatch! This time how I paint with my non-dominant hand. Warning" Is a little messy! lol


I received this polishes as a compliment from @opi_products and @preendotme. The #OPI Infinite Shine 3 Steps System new formulation promises to deliver a full 11 days of manicure that holds up its shine without chipping.
#InfiniteShine #ProStay #PreenMe #PreenMeVIP #11DaysStrong

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, please share it with your friends. Let me know how you like it, any suggestions and what would you like to see here. I would love to hear from you!

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