Born Pretty Store Water Decals

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Hey, darlings!

For today I have a super quick and easy manicure. Water Decals! Found yourselves with little time for nail art, and want to do something really fast? This is a way to go! These water decals are from Born Pretty Store, and are so easy to apply! Take a look:

 You can say that they are like tattoos for your nails. You simply choose the design you want to use, cut it out and remove the plastic. Then, dip it in water for a few seconds, it would come out of the paper easily so you can apply it to the nail. Press it good into the nail and once the water is dry (no time at all!) add your favorite top coat to make it last. If you find empty spaces within the design, you can always personalize it by adding dots around it and make the design come together.

For this manicure I used:

OPI Infinite Shine Base Coat
OPI "Mod About You"
OPI "The Latest to Slatest"
OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat

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The great thing about designs like this is that you can use as many or little decals as you like, and really make a unique nail art, in no time!

Let me know if you use water decals, or what other nail art items you like to use! That's it for now, I hope you like it! See you in another post! Happy painting!

I received this polishes as a compliment from @opi_products and @preendotme. The #OPI Infinite Shine 3 Steps System new formulation promises to deliver a full 11 days of manicure that holds up its shine without chipping.
#InfiniteShine #ProStay #PreenMe #PreenMeVIP #11DaysStrong

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