Galaxy Stripes!

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Hey loves!

Recently I swatched for you the Bettina Cosmetics Galaxy Collection. You can read all about it in this post. I fell so in love with the collection that I wanted to create yet another nail art with it. I really couldn't decide on what color, and wanted them all! So these came up! When you can't decide, just wear them all!

This collection is so well thought of, that you can wear every single polish in it, and the manicure will look amazing! It all makes sense together. And the finished product is so beautiful! The best part, it was so easy, and it looks like it took a long time, when in reality, I did it in under half an hour! Get ready to rock a manicure from another galaxy this weekend!

The nail polishes I used:

☆ "Black Hole"
☆ "Galaxy"
☆ "Milky Way"
☆ "Supernova"
☆ "Comet"
☆ "Cosmos"

Bettina Cosmetics is a brand of Puerto Rico and you can find it almost anywhere on the island and even in some places in the United States. If you can not find it where you live, they have an online store, . Check them out!

Here is the Step by Step Nail Art:

1- After base coat, apply 2 coats of white nail polish. Wait a few minutes for it to dry, and apply a layer of fast drying top coat. We are going to use striping tape, and the top coat will prevent the base color to peel off what removing it.

2- Cut out pieces of striping tape to get ready for your nail art. For this particular nail art, I used 5 pieces per nail, but you can adjust that to the size or your nail and/or amount of colors you are going to use. Place the striping tape horizontally on the nail, trying to do this evenly spaced for uniformity (or you can get creative and go for a more uneven look!). Make sure to secure the striping tape well on the nail by pressing it firmly and check out for the edges. You can find the striping tape here.

3- Make sure you have your nail polishes ready, and in the order in which you want to use them. I used a small detail brush for more control of application. Fill the empty spaces with the nail color of your choice, and once both sides of the striping tape are filled, remove it quickly before the nail polish dries. This will allow for crisper and cleaner lines. Repeat the process until you cover the whole nail.

4- Top Coat. Allow your manicure to fully dry before applying top coat. When it comes to nail art like this one, with lines in it, especially horizontal, I like to first apply a layer of top coat following the lines. Yes, I apply it horizontally first, and then apply a layer as you normally would. I find that this prevents all your hard work from smearing, and hey, two layers of top coat are better than one, right? And that's it! Your manicure is ready!

Let me know what you think about this nail art! If you try it, I'll love to see, so be sure to share with me on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to share this post if you enjoyed it, and have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Painting!

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