She' Colors Cosmetics Winter 2016 Collection

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Hi, loves!

Today I have for you some swatches from the Winter 2016 Collection by She' Colors Cosmetics. The collection consists of eight polishes, all creamy finishes ranging from the classics black and white to deep green and burgundy. You can get them by visiting their website at , and they are very affordable too! Let's get into the swatches!

"Alright Now"

This is a classic bright white polish. Perfectly opaque in two thin coats. It glides trough the nail very easily, and its thin formula prevents it from getting lumpy (I hate when that happens). It provides the perfect canvas for nail art, and it is good for nail art as well.

"You Can't See Me"

This is the black shade for this collection. A thin first layer gives a sheer look, but with a second layer is perfectly opaque and it covers so well. The base coat I use has a blue tint to it, and for some reason, with some black nail polishes, it comes thru, not with this one!! Love its coverage. It is very easy to apply and to clean up. And it looks so classy! (I have a feeling I'll be using this expression a lot here! lol)

"Call Me Classy"

I have to be honest, this one is my favorite of all the collection! Since the moment I put it on, I fell in love. It reminded me instantly of a cup of hot chocolate (YUM!) That gave me the idea for the nail art you'll see with it. The formula was thin and built up perfectly in two coats. The result, a stunning and elegant finish. Now I think it would also love beautiful with a matte top coat. Hum... maybe I'll try that.

"Can U Handle It?"

This polish is a mustardy yellow, so gorgeous. At first, I thought it was going to be very opaque, but it did need three coats to get to where I wanted, not complaining because the end result was so beautiful, and the three coats were very easy going. Maybe you can get away with two coats, but I wanted an even deeper color so I went for a third one. Watch it for yourself in the video bellow.


This coral shade is highly pigmented. I would say you can get away with one coat, but in my seek for perfection I did two. It is gorgeous. Creamy, easy to apply and very opaque. It wears beautifully by itself, and with nail art as well. It is bright and happy. I would say this is a polish for all seasons.


This is a dark army green shade. It has a jelly finish to it. Perfect to create an edgy look. I did two thin coats and did not try for a third one because I did not want it to get any darker. At the end, I achieve a dark to sheer finish that was very stunning. Perfect for pairing it with gold nail polishes, metallic and studs.

"Live, Love, Laugh"

Besides loving the name of this polish, I am son in love with the shade. This is my kind of color. It is a very pigmented berry color that ranges between pinks and fuchsias. Super classy (here I go again lol), perfect for any occasion. Super easy to apply in two coats. Gorgeous.

"Bright Eyed"

Dark and classy burgundy shade. Perfect for that party you are invited to. It gives that elegant look to complete every outfit. Opaque in two easy coats. The formula was thin and so easy to build up.

Take a look here at the application!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your thoughts and comments, and don't forget to share this with your friends!

Happy Painting!

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