Birthday Nails!

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Hello Everyone!

So this happened, I turned 30! Oh my Gosh! It is just so weird to say! I know I am going to get confused when people ask my age for a while, lol. But I am so grateful of my life, my family and all that has come to my life in all this 30 years. How did I celebrated? I spend the day with the love of my life, my wonderful husband, we went to the movies, he took me out to dinner, in fact, he made sure I had the most wonderful time all weekend long! In between that, I sure did my nails! Hey, that makes this girl happy! So I am going to show you, what I did (two manis, because one is just not enough lol) and you tell me what you think. Hope you find a little inspiration!

30 and Fabulous!

For the first design, I wanted to create a stylish look, featuring roses in pink and red, with gold glam accents. I think this design would go perfectly with any occasion, but adds a special glam to a birthday girl!
I used Essie polish in "Maki me Happy" , which has been making me happy for the past weeks, because I can't seem to stop wearing it! If you follow me on Instagram you are going to see it in some posts ;). As a base for my accent nail, I used Essie "Marshmallow", a perfect subtle off white polish, that enhances de design on top of it. And on my middle finger, my favorite gold glitter polish, L'oreal "The Statement Piece".

Sparkles all the way!

For the second look,  I have for you a swatch, and a nail art, follow by the tutorial! As a gift from my hubby, I got nail polishes! yayyy! Could't be more happy!

I decided to wear "Pygmy Kingfisher"  by Different Dimension right away. It is a gorgeous holographic gold nail polish, with hints if rose gold that are very appropriate for a birthday celebration. Take a look at it by itself, and see how gorgeously it interacts with the sunlight!

After a full day staring ant this, I decided to do a little nail art to it. Just a little, I wanted it to keep shinning thru! So I used nail art vinyls and created some chevron tips. Take a look.

If you want to see how to achieve this look, here a tutorial (and while you are there, you may want to subscribe so you don't miss a thing):

And that wraps all my nail designs for my 30th birthday! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think and if you like it, please share this post with your friends!

Happy Painting!

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