Liquid Latex vs Nail Tape Protector

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Hello loves!

For today, I'll be comparing two nail art mess protectors. The famous liquid latex in comparison with the new nail tape protectors. The pros and cons. Yes, I finally got to try these out, and will tell you what was my experience with both.  Lets see how it goes! I  haven't tried any of these (before this post of course) because, lets face it, when these liquid latex first came out they were a little pricey (and some still are) so I tried to make as little mess as I could. Lol. Cheap as that haha. I got to try both of them thanks to a PR sample from Born Pretty Store.

Ok, so I made two different nail arts that will require some skin protection. You can watch them bellow. Then I'll tell you the Pros and Cons that I found with both products, so you can make your own choices.

First, take a look at the manis I came up with. 

I did a basic gradient nail art, with a make up sponge followed by chevron nail vinyls. What is more basic than that? But admit it, it never gets old, and its a beautiful nail art to go with. For this one, I used the Liquid Latex.

Here is what I found out:
  •  You have to be really sure about allergies you may or not have to latex products.
  •  It is a little messy to apply.
  •  It has a smell to it, not very pleasant, but is nothing you can't work with.
  •  It is more precise at the time of application.
  •  You have to wait a few seconds for it to dry, so you can work on your nail art.
  •  It is a little sticky while using (although after I used it, a friend, @housewifenails on  Instagram, gave me the tip to use cuticle oil so that your fingers doesn't stick together while  using it, smart right?!).
  •  It gives you many uses on a bottle for one fair price. (This bottle is around $3.59 on their website)

I also wanted to test, how it worked with the so messy glitter nail polish application. Super simple, plain color with an accent glitter nail, but as the first design, but so beautiful to wear.  For this one, I went with the Nail Art Tape Protector.

And here is what I learned:

  •  Can be used even if you are allergic to latex.
  •  You need to work around applying the tape (because it sticks to itself, but once you manage to  put it were you want, you are good to go).
  •  It has only one use per tape, per nail. You can try to use it more than once, but it gets a little  difficult to apply after it losses its stickiness.
  • You get less uses for the same price, although the price is really accessible ($1.59 for 10 pieces of nail tape).

I think both alternatives serves well their purposes. Both of them really protects your cuticles and skin around nails from the messy masterpieces. You can choose which one works the best, depending on the nail art you are creating and on how many nails you need to use it. That is the main factor I'll take into consideration when deciding which one to use. 

I hope you find this post helpful. Let me know what you think! And remember to keep those nails pretty! Thank you for reading and happy painting! 


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