Fall Ready - Nails & Outfit!

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Hello darlings!

Fall is unmistakably (did I just used this word? lol) here, the weather is certainly colder and everything smells like pumpkin spice. Time to use my comfy sweaters and boots, and most importantly, time to rock some fall inspired nail art!

Let me talk about the outfit. This is a first for me so be kind and let me know what you think :). Number one item to get are some boots, oh I love to wear them with just about anything. I think it adds statement to any outfit. I do feel pretty while wearing boots, thats a fact lol. This ones I got from Kress Stores in Puerto Rico last year.

Going up, some skinny jeans, a little warm on the inside, and a super comfy plaid shirt. A very basic piece of clothing to have this season. You can wear it as is or layered over other shirts! I really love this one I got from Gabriel Brothers, and for $7.99...you can not beat that!

This jeans are one of my favorites, skinny jeans from Rainbow Stores. They are very comfortable and supper fitting! And me, I always have trouble finding the perfect jean.

Now lets focus on my nails! One of the classic trends for fall is animal print. It is so easy to create, and it looks so classy. I decided to go with green, because lets face it, it is an unexpected color to use, and what better time to let it be than fall. I used Wet n' Wild in "  ". For the white I used Sally Hansen "White On" and with black polish and a dotting tool, I created the animal print design.

Here is how I did it:

I believe in achieving a look with what you have. It doesn't have to be expensive, and you can always work with what your closet provides. So have fun with what you have and get creative! And don't forget to style yourself with a beautiful mani!

As always, thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed this post. If so, let me know to see if its a thing I can start doing here, leave your comments and share the love. Ohh and suggestions are welcome. Take care!

Happy Painting!

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