Nude, Black and Gold Nails

by - 8:00:00 PM

Hello Darlings!

There is something about this color combination that drives me crazy! Nude, black and gold?! How much chic and classy can it get? It's perfect for any occasion! Birthdays, weddings, graduations, proms, hey! I can even wear them on an every day basis! Today I will show you two designs using the exact same 3 nail polishes with this combination, and you'll tell me what you think!

For both looks I used: Sally Hansen "Groov-ey" and "Go for Gold" and Sinful Colors "Black on Black"

The first design is a negative space inspired manicure, which features a gold triangle with a black arch. Very easy to achieve and so pretty!

The next one is based over the nude polish as you see, but this time it features thin lines of black and gold. To be honest, this one is my favorite! I love how minimal and simple it looks, yet very glamorous!

Both designs were finished with HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat to give them that pretty shine.

I hope you enjoy this post, if you do, tell me what other classic color combos you can think of, and maybe we can turn this to a serie! Well, thats all for today, keep those nails pretty and happy painting!!

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