Fall Nail Art using Duri Cosmetics Nail Polishes

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Hi Loves!

Let's get started with these fall nail art looks right away. I made a few simple nail art designs using some (or all) of the nail polishes from Duri Cosmetics that I showed you in a recent post. If you missed it you can read all about them here. And also you can check out this video, if you prefer to watch them all in action.

Now, for the first look, and I'll say the star of this post, I decided to do a nail art using all 6 of the color I mentioned. These are: "Don't Think Twice", "Almost in Love", "Austin City Lites", "Baton Rouge Blues", "Dragontini", and "Taming of the Shrew". I tried to look for a way to combine all six in a cohesive way, and after giving it a lot of tought, triangles was the way to go. I beleive it to be a fairly simple to do, mistake proof design.  You'll see why.

Here is a tutotial:

With this design you can get as creative and simple as you want, and if by any chance you mess up, it is so easy to fix! Making all the triangles different sizes and randomly positioning them makes this a stress free design, because there is no wrong or right way to do it. So its lots of fun! 

I picked out from the colors, the more fall appealing and came out with these individual (to say it like that) designs as well:

For this one, I used the red shade, "Taming of the Shrew", as a base. Then with acrylic paints, in black and white, and a small detail brush did this arches and lines. Add a few dots to bring everything together, top coat, and you are set.  

I love purple, everyone already knows that, so that makes me very excited about this design. Base color is "Dragontini", and I used a gold nail polish, Sally Hansen "Go for Gold" to create the henna inspired design. So simple and it looks so fancy! So If you want your nails to be stylish during fall, you should give this design a try. 

I hope you enjoyed all three of this designs. Let me know if you are planning to try any of these, or what is your favorite fall designs and color combinations. More fall designs will be coming your way soon. Until then, thanks for reading and happy painting!

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