Duri Cosmetics Nail Polish Swatch & Review

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Hello Darlings!

Hey!! Today I have another set of swatches for you. This time I'll show you some colors from Duri Cosmetics. Yes, the same company that makes the famous Rejuvacoat. Now, I've heard from them because of all the amazing things people say about this base coat, and don't judge me, but I haven't try it yet. Anyways, with such an amazing reputation, I thought, hey the polishes must have a good quality as well. Well, here you will see all about them. Be sure to check out the video as well, for more details on application, color, formula, etc.

As for the swatches! The colors I received from Duri were: "Almost in Love", "Austin City Lites", "Baton Rouge Blues", "Dragontini", "Taming of the Shrew", and "Don't Think Twice". They range from creamy formulas to gel - like, glossy to matte finishes, light to darker color shades. All of them dried pretty quickly and applied so easily on the nails. Pigmentation for all was impressive, you can see from the first coat the color you are going to get which I think is pretty amazing.

Let's see all the swatches:

"Almost in Love"

This one is a beautiful bubblegum pink, the pink that everyone wants to have in their collection. It has a creamy formula, very pigmented and it builds up nicely in two coats. Application was very easy, and at the very moment you begin to apply the color, you can already see how its going to look at the end. If you want to know about durability, I rocked this shade for almost a week! (and thats to much for me lol) without any chipping. Yes, I used a fast drying top coat over it. 

"Austin City Lites"

This shade is in between an orange and a peachy shade. This one has a creme formula as well, with the difference that this one dries matte. Drying time was pretty fast (being matte you can tell when it starts to turn matte), by the time I was done with my pinky, the thumb was already dry. That's how fast it was. It is gorgeous to wear with its matte finish, or if you prefer to add a top coat that is fine too. Will absolutely be a good shade to wear this upcoming fall season. 

"Baton Rouge Blues"

Ok, so a blue that looks like a lilac?! Or viceversa? This is the impression I got from this shade and I loved it! Another creme formula, in the video (that I linked above or you can click here to watch) It looks like a pretty soft purple/lilac shade, as well as in person, but depending on the lights it shows up as a gorgeous sky blue. I am not mad at either of them. All the pictures show blue, but Im telling you, this one has a lilac undertone to it. It's so pretty. And it wears beautifully. 

"Don't Think Twice"

This is your basic medium light gray. And as for basic I mean it in a very good way! That gray polish you look for but never find the perfect shade, this one was it for me. It looks light without loosing its gray-ness. Cream formula, opaque in two easy coats. Gorgeous for fall. 


My favorite of all! Deep purple shade that actually looks purple and not black! This one has a gel like formula, it applies so nicely on the nails and dries super quick. Now, I know I am going to sound crazy with this, but as I was using it, I sensed a smell like grapes, yeah must have been my mind playing tricks lol, but it had a berry feeling. Two easy coats led to a beautiful deep purple manicure, perfect for fall, and for any occasion!

"Taming of the Shrew"

Classic chic red polish. This one also has a gel like formula. It builds up super gorgeous on the nail. It almost have like a pink undertone which balances it deepness providing the perfect red looking polish. 

Well my friends, that is all for today's swatches. I have to say that I am really impress with the quality of these nail polishes. I have heard the amazing reputation they have with the so popular Rejuvacoat, as I said before, it is not a surprise that they can extend that quality to their nail polish colors as well. 

These were sent to me by the company for me to try without asking anything, so in here I am giving you my 100% honest opinion about them. Big thanks to Duri Cosmetics for sending these to me.  

**Stay tune for some nail art I did with these babies!! Posting the soon!!**

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if so thank you for making it this far! And don't forget to share it! Hope to hear from all of you! 

Happy Painting!

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