Londontown Lakur Nail Polish Swatches and Review

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Hello darlings!

As I was approached by Londontown to try and swatch their line of 9-free nail polishes I was flattered and excited, and of course, I had to say yes! I did a little research while waiting for the package to arrive and learned about the hydrating and strengthening properties of their collection of nail polish and nail care products. What an amazing thing that you can have beautifully polished nails while treating them with care and natural ingredients. Being a family own company created to provide solutions for every day nail problems, and doing it with consciousness of your health and the environment is a pretty amazing thing. Aside of four beautiful polish colors, they sent an Instant Smudge Fix polish (I think this is what had me the most excited!), a nail polish that fixes smudges?! Ohh I need it to see if that really works! (Spoilers!! It does!) keep on reading and be sure to watch the video so that you see how an easy application they have and how the smudge fix works ;) If you wish to read a little more about them you can click here. There you'll see the wide variety of colors they offer and a special section of nail care items.


The formula on all the shades was surprisingly creamy. The brushes slides super easily on the nail covering almost the full nail. It was very easy to work with and the colors built up with ease. Being like that, cleanup was effortless which was a relief. It reminded me of a mix of gel and cream polish, which I find to be a great combination. Drying time was really fast, it took about 5 minutes before I could apply the next coat, which was great.


I received the Lakur Enhanced Colour Collection in the shades Duchess, Invisible Crown, Chuffed to Bits and To the Queen with Love. The colors are pretty unique on their kinds and very distinctive within their color range. Colors are very bright and opaque, and it deliver the color you expect when looking at the bottle. Here is a closer look at each color:


2 coats of this gorgeous nail polish resulted in this very bright white shade. Formula was very easy to work with, with a creamy texture it applied smoothly on the nail. It is a perfect base for any nail art or it can be wear by it self giving the nails a very bright and chic finish.  

 Invisble Crown:

This shade, differently from the others, had a sheer finish (which is definitely not bad). I find the sheer look of this invisible crown very versatile as it can be use with one or two coats as a base for a french manicure or any nail art were you wish to show off a little of your natural nail. I decided to apply 3 coats to make it a little more opaque, which resulted in this very light pink that can be worn by it self and look really delicate. Application was really smooth, and not streaky at all (which you think it can happen with a sheer polish, and it did't with this one)

Chuffed to Bits:

This sky blue polish was super creamy and opaque on 2 coats. Application was very smooth and easy. I think it would look great on any skin tone. It works for a casual everyday look, brighting your hands in that beautiful blue shade.

To the Queen with Love:

This one is a deep purple shade perfectly opaque in one coat. Yes! It is a one coater and as you can see it does not look like it. I loved how the nails look with this shade, which is why I decided to try this one to see how was the durability of this brand, which you'll see bellow ;) As you may already know (or not) I love purple and I was rocking this color for quite a time. 


After a applying the creamy formula of these polishes, I used the Kur Gel Genius Top Coat. It is not a surprise that the application was as easy as the nail colors and the drying time was really fast. I did wore this gorgeous nail color for almost a week and take a look at how it looked by the end of the week.

Instat Smudge Fix:

Here is the most revolutionary product of them all. Instant smudge fix! Yes, after swatching all the beautiful colors, I did accidentally smudged two of them, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out this product. I planned to smudge them intentionally in order to try out the smudge fix, but I didn't need to, because nature worked its ways for me to make some indents on my recently polished nails! lol. Take a look at the final pictures of the blue shade (Chuffed to Bits) and the purple shade (To the Queen with Love). Those are the result of a fixed manicure! All you need to do is to make sure the nail polish is dry, apply a coat to fill any ridges or mistakes, wait for that coat to slightly dry and smooth it out with the Instant Smudge Fix, and thats it! Who would thought?! 

You can see it all in action in this video: 

*These products were provided to me by the company Londontown for review but this does not affect my opinons about it in any way. All the opinions and facts stated here are my own*

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you find it helpful. See you in the next one! Happy Painting!!

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