Born Pretty Store Nail Art Review

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Hello Darlings!

Today I have for you a few items for review from Born Pretty Store. I was contacted by them recently, and they were kind enough to send me these four items for review. I always love to try out different nail art supplies and techniques, so I am very excited about it. I hope you enjoy! Lets begging!

Nail Art Brush (Item # 21980):

 For me, this is a perfect lining brush. It has long and soft bristles and a very good grip, kind of like a pen. Perfect for drawing straight lines, since its length gives little room for error and it is very manageable. That being said, I prefer it to draw thicker lines rather than thin ones, since it has a lot of hair and the lines will come out on the thicker side, not to thin, although if you prefer you can trim it down, but as it is, is better for thicker straight lines. 

I used it to create a dream catcher kind of design with feathers and was very pleased with the result. Here you can see it in action:

Holographic Nail Foils (Item # 22390):

Nail foils are a great way to spice up a mani. For this review, I had the chance to try ones in a light silver-white tone which were great. It was the first time for me experiencing with nail foils. You'll need a nail foil glue, which I purchased on Sally Beauty, in order to stick them to the nails, because regular polish wont work. I wanted to see how it looked on light and darker polishes, so I tried it over black and white. ADVICE: This tone is so much better on a black polish (or dark tone polish) because with the white, it didn't show up at all (but it was worth the try!) I applied a coat of the nail foil glue, let it dry, and then pressed the foils to the nails removing it quickly, as you'll see in this video:

Here is the final look (which I think it gives the mani a smokey kind of effect):

Mini Pearl Nail Decor (Item #21657) & Silver Bling Mixed Rhinestones (Item #22965):

This were my two favorite items from the package I got to review. How much prettier and fancier does a mani looks when you add stones to it?! It elevates your mani to the next level! I absolutely loved these stones specially the pearl nail decor. For this case I used both, the pearls and silver bling stones to enhance a watermarble design, and gave it a seashell feel. The stones are very easily applied, I used a little bit of wax at the end of a dotting tool to pick the stone and then applied it to the nail over a wet clear coat of polish. Then I applied a fast drying over the entire mani, and ready to go! 

And of course, here you have a video for the watermarble:

I am very pleased with all the items I got to try. I think the possibilities are endless, and will for sure try them again in future manis (Secret: already have! lol) Let me know what you think! And if you know of new ways that to use them, let me know! I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for more!!

* The items were provided to me for review, but the post reflects 100% my honest opinions* 

See you guys in another post!! 

Happy Painting!!

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