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Hey darlings!

Today I have for you a very exciting review. I was contacted by Nicole Diary to review some of their nail art water decals, and hey, if its nail art related, I'm in! So here is the result! You can find them on their stores at Amazon and Aliexpress or you can search for "Nicole Diary" on Amazon or Aliexpress. They ship world wide so everyone can benefit from it. I found them to be very affordable, and despite of that they were kindly enough to offer you, my readers, a discount code, so be sure to use the code Sh2016 for a small gift worth $2-$5. Isn't that nice?!

I have never used water decals for my designs, so it was interesting to try them, and let me tell you, if you are looking for an easy, fast and beautiful nail art design, and you don't have much time to sit and start painting, I recommend you give these a try. Application is super fast and easy. Just pick the design you want, you can cut it to fit your nail, remove the plastic over it, dip it in water for 15-20 seconds, remove gently from the paper (like a water tattoo) and apply to the nail pressing gently to position. Wait a few seconds for it to dry and apply a fast drying top coat.

They have everything from simple and pretty designs that you can apply over your favorite nail polish color, to full designs that covers the entire nail. So I think the variety is amazing, and you can always combine your nail art skills with accents of water decals for the most "difficult" part of your design. For some of the full nail designs you don't need a base color (although it is recommended to have a coat of polish underneath, but it won't show) and some have clear background so you can create the look you desire with your nail polish base color.

Now let me show you the designs I tried and how to apply them:

And here you have the designs I tried:

Communicate trough your nails with some emojis!
Wet n' Wild - 'French White Creme'

 Full Nail wrap, mix and match:
Sinful Colors - 'Black on Black'

Combine full nail decals with small accent decals. Clear background.
Bettina - 'Haze'

Different effects using different color polishes, same clear full nail decal.
Sinful Colors - 'Hip to be Square' , Wet n' Wild - 'French White Creme', Essie - 'Big Spender', Sally Hansen - 'Mellow Yellow'

Accent nail with a full nail decal, combining with contrasting colors.
 Sinful Colors- 'Coral Riff' and L'oreal - 'Masked Affair'

Use the colors on your decal to complete the manicure. Full nail white decal.
Bettina- 'Pink Bikini' and a teal color from Charlotte Rouse (no name)

Full nail decal. White background.
Wet n' Wild- 'Warm Filter'

Use as an accent nail. Full nail decal with white background.
Sinful Colors - 'Why Not'

And this is my favorite, birds accents water decals over your favorite nail polish.
Wet n' Wild - 'Kiss my Mints'

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I personally enjoyed a lot trying these.
Let me know what yo think! :)

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