GERManikure Crystal Nail File Review

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Hello Darlings!

Today I have for you a nail care product review...GERManikure Crystal Nail File. And I know you would say, its a nail file, whats so special about that? Keep on reading and you'll see.

This crystal nail file promises to last a lifetime, so think about it, you'll only need to purchase it once, now that is very good for your pocket as well as for the environment! And if its supposed to last that long, it's suppose to be really good, and in my honest opinion it is. I had mixed feelings about nail files for so long. I have bought cheap sets from ebay, and they are sitting in my drawers since the day I got them. This file, I just used it, and it felt so soft while filing (I hope I make sense), it is not hard on your nails and yet it files pretty quick and very good.

Ethics Behind the Company

Now the thing that pretty much caught my attention, and for me the most amazing thing about this company, is their campaign against child labor. It so amazing that companies do their part in stopping and raising awareness about the struggles that faces our society, even tough we don't see it every day, it happens, so I think this initiative is wonderful. They also avoid the use of plastic and cardboard on their packaging, which contributes to the environment as well.

Where to Get It

You can get this files online at Zamberg website. There is a variety of options, and they have some personalized items, with quotes that are pretty cool, so you can see which one fits your personality as well. I think the price on them is pretty reasonable and affordable, and if you think on the fact of no needing to buy another one ever again... thats a plus!

My Experience 

As I said before, I found this nail file pretty good, and it changed my mind about crystal nail files. It was very easy to use, not hard on my nails and filed them pretty quickly. Didn't need to put much effort on filing and I was very happy with the result.

** This product was sent to me to try, which I did and here I'm giving my true and honest opinion about it. I was not paid to write this post or to give positive feedback** 

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