Spring is in the Air

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Hey Darlings!

Temperatures above 60 degrees! Yes Please! Its beginning to look a lot like...spring! And Im loving it :) Trees are starting to fill up with beautiful flowers and it is so inspiring. Hey, where I am right now spring has taken a little bit longer than other places, and I am very happy that it is finally here!! So...how can we start this season right in nail art?? Daisies for sure!

I love how fresh and simple this nail art looks, and how easy it was!

The things I used where:

  Base Coat

 Maybelline Bleached Neons in Citrus Collide

 White, yellow and green acrylic paint

 HK Girl Top Coat

 Winstonia Fine Line Nail Art Brush

Here is how easy it is:

I hope you enjoy this post, and feel inspire! Wishing you a very happy and beautiful spring time :) 

Leave your comments and share this with you friends, it would be kindly appreciated!

**Note: This post was NOT sponsored in any way. I just included the links in case you wanted to check out the things I used **

Happy Painting!!!

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