Winstonia Nail Art Vinyls - Review and Tutorial

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Hello darlings!

I hope you are all doing great! Recently I participated on a contest held by Winstonia Store, and although I didn't win, they were kind enough to send me these lovely nail vinyls, so I decided to give them a try.

**Note: They didn't ask for me to review or talk about them, bur=t I felt the need to do so, because look at them, aren't they gorgeous?! I am also not being paid or anything to write this post, so this is my true and sincere opinions about the product **

Nail Vinyls are and easy, and creative way, to create stunning nail art designs, and lets not talk about the ease and time saving part of it. In minutes they give us even the most intricate designs that we only wish we can do free hand, and with a fraction of the effort! So being so convenient, and accessible, they are a must have in your nail art table.
Now let me talk to you about the ones I recently received. They are, as I said before, from the Winstonia Store, and if you like you can find them here. They are around $4.95 a package, which includes 2 sheets of vinyls. I am not sure about the shipping costs, but you can check that out on their website.

Let me show you the holo gorgeousness!!!

Isn't it holo-distracting?! 

For me they were kind of big for my short nails, so I decided to cut them in half, which is great because I can use one sticker more than for just one nail! The cutting part was tricky because I did it after taking it out of the sheet, so I recommend if you are going to use half of it, to cut it before peeling it off.

They stick securely on the nail, which reduces the chances of smearing the polish, and they peel out very quickly. You'll see on the video tutorial bellow. 

Check out the video tutorial here:

The things I used for this nail art:

 ♥ American Classic - Yellow Stopper Base Coat

 ♥ Nina Ultra Pro - Radiant Orchid

 ♥Wet n' Wild - Ready to Propose/Proposition

 ♥Glisten & Glow- HK Girl Top Coat

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and tutorial, If you did please share it with your friends and if you have any comments please leave them below! Will love to hear from you! 

 Have a wonderful weekend! And Happy Painting!!


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