Friendship ... makes life beautiful

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Hello loves!

This post is dedicated to my lovely friends, my nail crew, whos destiny brought us together through this amazing community of nail art and a sides of the distance, united us as very good friends > Love you girls!! On February 14, we celebrate Valentine's Day, in which we honored our loved ones as well as our friends, which is why its called the day of love and friendship, and this is why I didn't want the opportunity to pass by without honoring this beautiful and talented ladies. Thanks to social media we have found in each other more than friendship, but a support group and extended family!

I decided to pick one of each manis and tried my best to recreate it (hand pose included lol) I hope you like it girlies! And now for the nail art! First I am going to show you the original design follow by my recreation.

Original Design: Brenda (@playingwithnailpolish)

My Recreation: For this recreation I used "Good Lookin' Out" By Bonita Colors

Original Design: Jani (@cloerubi)

My Recreation - I used Bettina Cosmetics "Pink Bikini" , Sinful Colors "Charmed"

Original Design: Adelis (@adelislebron)

My Recreation- I used "Snow me White" and "Black on Black" By Sinful Colors

Original Design: Ivy (@simple_short_nails)

My Recreation- I used "Rain Storm"by Sinful Colors and "Go Gold" By Sally Hansen

And thats it!! I hope you all like it!!

Happy Painting! xoxo

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