Purple Bling Nail Art

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Hey Darlings!

If you know me, or may have noticed on the theme of my blog, I loooove the color purple. So it is more than exciting to me to show you this bling manicure featuring a beautiful and sparkling lavender shade.

This wonderful color, which has some shimmer into it, is Pure Ice "Tales Untold", from their limited Fairytale Forest edition. It does looks like a fairytale!

On the index finger and underneath the middle finger, I used Bettina's "Clair".

For the bling placement, I used some wax around a dotting tool (the kind of wax that orthodontists gives you if you have braces) making it more easy to pick up my stones, since I don't own a waxed pencil. I learned that trick ver at instagram a while ago, but I can't remember who came up with it, so if you know, let me know so that I can give proper credit to that brilliant mind!! Ok, so once I had the stones on my dotting tool, I applied some clear polish on the nail to act as glue and started to place the rhinestones randomly. 

For the middle finger, I started with the base color and applied a top coat. Once that was dry, I placed striping tape (which can be found on ebay and its very cheap) and painted over that with the purple polish.

Here is a closer look:

The flowers you see in the pictures, were a gift from my hubby (Awwwww) and I loved them so so much, they had to be a part of this gorgeous mani!

If you are interested in watching the tutorial, click on the video below! And if you like it, leave your thoughts as well and share it with your friends!

Hope you enjoyed reading!
Happy Painting!

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