My Favorite Nail Art of 2015

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Hey darlings!

Well 2015 its almost over so I thought it would be fun to look back at my nail art year and gather all my favorites manis of it! There is not much to say, so lets get in to the nail art:

1- It has been almost a year and Im still in love with the first nail art I did in 2015. For this one I used the so famous China Glaze: Too Yatch to Handle, and did a diamond pattern as an accent, as well as some silver glitter. Starting fresh on the new year!

2- First Collab of the year with my nail crew! Pantone Color of 2015: Marsala. I loved how classy this nails looked, and how beautiful the collage we did came out. You can go here for the original post on Instagram to see the wonderful ladies that participated in this beautiful collaboration. For my part, I used Bettina's Cosmetics Velvet and Sand Blast.

3- Broken Heart Valentine's Day Manicure. I did this nail art as a Besties Triplets Nails with to of my girls from my nail crew (I think you'll see many of the collabs in this post, because it is the most fun I have doing nail art!) This mani features a girl breaking a guys heart. Now, I know it sounds cruel, but the idea of the design I thought it was pretty neat and cute! Master mind behind this one was my friend @simple_short_nails. For mine I used Sinful Colors Go Go Girl, such a rich red I believe.

4- Green Manicure with Daisies.  For this manicure I used Bonita Colors; You MINT a lot to me. I went with tiny flowers all over the middle finger and a dot pattern to contrast. I loves how simple it looked, yet beautiful.

5- Key Lime Twist Chevron. Black, White and NEON!! What is better than that?! As you may have guessed already, I used for this manicure Key Lime Twist by Orly. For the chevrons I used Vinyl Quickies nail vinyls (No way I could do that free hand!) and went over the chevrons with a striping nail art brush and the neon color. It was so eye catching!!

6- Flowers Nail Art using the "Flores de Puerto Rico" collection by Essie Puerto Rico. This design was a collaboration with my friend Adelis, we both got the chance to swatch this wonderful collection and decided to mix them up all in a beautiful manicure, and this one came out! It also goes with the name of the collection Flowers of Puerto Rico.  Each shade was named after a puertorrican flower, down here I list how you can find the shades with their original names. The collection featured:

  • Playera (Play Date)
  • Miramelinda (Tart Deco)
  • Trinitaria (Big Spender)
  • Cruz de Malta (Geranium)
  • Orquidea (Marshmallow)

**You can visit my Instagram if you want to see each color by themselves, just click here. ;)

7- Neon Triangles Blocks. I think I can say this one was my all time favorite! I even had a hard time taking them off (because I did't wanted to) For this manicure I used the super bright and amazing Solar Flare by Nana Ultra Pro and again China Glaze Too Yatch to Handle. With black acrylic paint I did the triangle pattern, which I filled in next using the two neons I just mentioned. So bright right?!

8- Gold and Mint Green Triangles. Again, the thing I loved most about thus manicure is its brightness and simplicity. I used a mint green nail polish from Charlotte Russe (I wish they had names on their polishes, and by the way, haven't seen them in a while in stores ) Randomly drew triangles using green and gold over white and the look is done! If you like to see the tutorial click here to go to my You Tube Channel and watch it ;)

9- Black and Gold Nail Art with Flowers. This one is kind of special because I did it for my birthday ♥. I wanted to go for an elegant but simple look, and this was the result. For the flowers, it was really easy, used a dotting tool and place them diagonally on the nail. I did an accent glitter nail using my favorite gold : The Statement Piece by L'oreal. For a little more detail click here to go to the full blog post about it.

10- Purple Bling Nail Art. It is not a secret that I looooove all things purple. That is why one of my favorite designs of the year 2015 is this bling manicure I did a few weeks back. It features Pure Ice nail polish in the shade Tales Untold along with some purple stones and rhinestones.

Thats it! It was really hard to choose 10 manicures from a whole year of nail art and fun! I hope you like them and have a very happy new year! See you in 2016! Don't forget to leave your comments down and sharing this with your friends!

Happy Painting!

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