Fall in Love ♥

by - 3:41:00 PM

Fall is almost over, well at least where I live at, all the leaves have fall, indicating winter is almost around the corner. (Not looking forward to it :/) So as this colorful season comes to an end, I found inspiration on the beautiful landscapes, which I think inspires you to FALL in LOVE  ♥

This simple manicure captures the essence of the season, the color schemes and the feeling that surrounds the air.

For the index and pinky I decided on a chocolatey color from Sinful Colors : "Nirvana" to add that warmth to the design.

Middle and ring finger features also from Sinful Colors: "Easy Going" which provides the perfect canvas for the fall tree drawing. 

Here is the tutorial for this design, please check it out and share it if you like it. Don't forget to comment your thoughts about it ;)  Can't wait t hear from you!

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