Black & Gold Nail Art

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It all has been hearts lately... Well I love nail art, so here is another heart design manicure!

I wanted to use this nail polish that my husband got me for my birthday, so couldn't thought of anything else but a heart , so I made this simple nail art.

The polish name is Tokyo Pearl by Sinful Colors. 

As the name says, it is a Pearled nail polish, gorgeous!

Here's a TIP! : Because it has a pearled finish, this type of polish can apply (and will apply) streaky on the nail. For it to look as smooth as possible, I capped the tip of the nail only on my first coat. When applying the second coat I tried to apply it as straight as I could so that it looks even. This way its all going to look vertical and not with the horizontal lune on the top.! (Hope I made sense! )

I love it because it looks simple but pretty! 

I draw the heart using black acrylic paint and made the dots with a dotting tool.

Here is the link to my video tutorial: (Oh! and here is a new thing, I recorded a voiceover for the very first time, I was kind of nervous, so I'll love if you leave me your feed back here or on the video ;) Thanks!!

Happy Polishing!!

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