Holo & Pink Nail Art

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Hello everyone!

Here is this week's pink manicure for the #pinkforoctober Breast Cancer Awareness. My goal is to create a weekly pink mani for the cause. 

To create this look I used:

How I did it:

  • Apply a base coat
  • Apply my base color
  • Add a layer of top coat : this will prevent the vinyls to smudge your base color when you remove it
  • Apply the vinyls of your choice, and press them well on the nail
  • Apply the color of your choice and remove the vinyls quickly after that. Its important to do this while the polish still wet in order to get crisp straight lines.
  • Once everything is fully dry, apply your favorite top coat
  • And thats it!

Loved the contrast between the pink and the holo!

I mean, who doesn't love holo?! and pink?! 

Click in the video bellow to see how to recreate this look:

I hope you enjoy reading this, hope to read you back really soon ;)

** This post is not sponsored. I added the links because I think they will be useful, but this is not in any way sponsored by the links provided **

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