Hispanic Heritage - Puerto Rico Nail Art

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October is Hispanic Heritage Month and I couldn't let it pass by with out making a nail art that shows my heritage. Here are some Puerto Rico inspired nails!

Original idea was from to ladies at Instagram: Mama Hearts Polish and Monis Mani and they came up with the hashtag : #mynailsmyheritage

As soon as I saw their post I knew I wanted to join.

First thing that crossed my mind when I thought of Puerto Rico was El Morro. This fortification is situated at the Puerto Rico capital: San Juan. It was design to protect the island from enemies that could arrive by sea in the 16th century. It is a breathtaking experience to be there, and among all the times I've visited it, I never get tired of it. If you ever get the chance to go to my beautiful Puerto Rico, it is a most go destination. 

Details for the Nail Art:

I used as a base color: Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue" (the original formula)
For the details and drawing: Acrylic Paints
And the top coat I've been using is HK Girl

Im so happy with the result of this mani, it is really close to my heart! I hope you like it.

Heres is the video on how I did it:

Happy Polishing! 

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