3 Easy Fall Nail Art Designs

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So we are right in the middle of the season, the leaves are orange and the air colder (much colder!), so I decided that my nails needed to be in the color theme as well (and so can yours!). I put together 3 super simple nail designs that will go perfectly with any outfit for this season.

Fall Colors Dotticure:

This design is the easiest of all. All you need is a dotting tool, but if you don't have one, no needs to worry a toothpick, pen or anything with a round point will do the trick.

I just choose a variety of fall colors and started making different size dots near the cuticle area towards the center.

And with a nude base color contrasting the other colors, makes it a perfect complement for any outfit for this season!

Fall Laves

These leaves looks a bit difficult to draw, but believe me...they are not! Actually they are quite simple. Just sketch some points with and orange paint, I used acrylic paints but it can also be polish. then add thin layers of lighter orange and yellow to make them pop. I find this easier to bled the colors with the acrylic paints. Once your happy with the look, just wait a few seconds for it to dry and add top coat.

Fall Color Blocks

This design was my favorite. Just pick any three color you like, and carefully, with the same polish brush add lines vertically, horizontally and diagonally. No tools needed! Just a steady hand, and you can combine the color as you like, as well as the direction of the lines. For the pinky, I wanted it to look a bit glamorous so I painted it with a gold glitter polish.

Here is the link to the video tutorial, so that everything I just said make sense ;)

Let me know if you liked any of the designs! 

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